As was mentioned on the LiveJournal community, I have been moving house and am not all unpacked yet. (I’m not even all moved yet, technically, as there’s a frightening amount of Stuff still in my parents’ house that should be moved eventually.) One of the things lost in the depths of a moving box somewhere is (hopefully) my spare/backup inking pen(s). As the size 01 Micron that does the lion’s share of the inkwork on the comic has finally kicked the bucket, I’ve been forced to put Paladins’ Haven on hiatus.

I don’t like it any more than you do.

I’ll be pencilling comics while on this hiatus, and I may throw up some extra material on the comic’s LiveJournal community, but standard updates will have to wait until I can once again ink, as my pencils are nothing you want to try to make any sense of. Now, to the questions I imagine you will no doubt be dying to know the answers to!

Q: So when will the comic be back?
A: The Monday after I find my pen, provided I do have a spare 01 Micron. I might have already taken that pen out of the box, in which case it’ll have to wait until I can obtain a new one. This means the comic could be back June 21, or it could be gone until some time in September or October, in the worst case.

Q: Can I do anything to bring it back faster?
A: If I find the pen in the next week or two, probably not. If I find that I don’t have one, yes! By either clicking that handy donation link and sending me funds through PayPal, or going out and buying me a pen and contacting me for an address to send it to, you will help me get the comic back much sooner. I’m doing this comic for free, and can’t currently afford to order drawing materials from overseas.

Q: So what’s the deal with Strangleweed and that chicken?
A: The chicken will be explained eventually. See the two previous questions and add about three days for an idea of when this answer will be coming.