Sah’togar Theaña of Tragash

Race: 3/4 faerie, 1/4 human
First appearance: January 1 2005
Patron deity: Keithara of Water
Steed: Keilon

Illegitimate son of the late Lord Xivon Tragash’s half-faerie daughter Athrain’nema Theaña of Tragash, Sah’togar commands a great deal of respect both for his adventures as “The Chosen”, during which he freed the elemental Gods from where they had been imprisoned by a power-hungry Camael many thousand years earlier, and for his role in stopping the complete corruption of the neighboring Lands of the Orders, though admittedly fewer Erigineeans know much of anything about the latter. Was chosen to serve as a Paladin by Keithara Herself, and rides Her son Keilon as his Steed.

Banished from the Islands of the Sun excepting a period of a few weeks every year.

Fenni Roxeensdaughter Smith

Race: Human
First apperance: May 13 2005
Patron deity: Cretihno of Pain
Steed: Bloodfang

Illegitimate daughter of Lord Roxeen Grivjon, Fenni does an admirable job of balancing her duty to her God (which requires some semblance of impartiality) with what she feels is her duty to her father, whom she has some fondness for. Even then, she is strong-willed, not easily shamed, and fiercely protective of those closest to her. When younger she had a tendency to follow the letter rather than the spirit of her instructions, and as a Paladin she feels she has no duty to answer to anyone but Cretihno Himself.