Colone Patchwork

Race: Pegasus
First apperance: January 1 2005

Colone was given to Athrain’nema Theaña, Sah’togar‘s mother, as her mount when she originally started training for the Shadow Guard. The two of them had a rather rocky working relationship, during which Colone did his best to hide that he actually rather liked his rider, until he saved her life by throwing her and luring off an ambush as she was escaping to the Islands of the Sun with her husband-to-be and his brother.

After being thought dead for years, he managed to find Sah’togar once he returned to the mainland, and since then he’s been an ever-present source of snark in his old rider’s son’s life. He truly respects few people, and among those few is Shadowrose.

ESHinii’scii “Shadowrose” Terava

Race: 1/2 faerie, 1/2 human
First appearance: January 29 2005

Shadowrose is the half-brother of Sah’togar, sharing a father, much to both of their annoyances as they harbor deep dislike for one another. He has a past history as an assassin, but may have started to turn over a new page after he played a major role in saving the Lands of the Orders from a rather unpleasant downfall.

Zvee Starmane

Race: Wozelle
First apperance: April 11 2005

Shadowrose’s “Bonded”, Zvee tries his best to keep the assassin out of harm’s way. Not always an easy task, considering Shadowrose seems rather intent on putting himself there most of the time.  The son of Iony Ironheart, a white wozelle Banishee immortalized in a ballad by her own Bonded who happened to be a Bard.