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Elemental Gods

A set of seven Gods, all of whom have been gifted with a physical form by Alioda. Were locked away in different places around Erigineea for thousands of years until The Chosen came by and saved them, one by one.


Domain: Water
Forms: A white mare with kelp-like mane and a tail like a waterfall

Keithara was the first of the elemental Gods to be freed from the place where She had been sealed by Camael; a small mountain lake surrounded by thick fog. During Sah’togar‘s Quest to free them all, She served as his mount, only later leaving that duty to Her son Keilon (who was conceived at some point during those travels).


Domain: Fire
Forms: A white hippocampus stalion, with flaming mane and feathers, and a dragon-like tail fin


Domain: Earth
Forms: An earthy brown draft horse, with a mane like young grass


Domain: Air
Forms: A lavender-white pegasus, with cloudy mane and tail and smaller wings on her fetlocks


Domain: Wisdom (Healing)
Forms: A dappled grey lady’s riding mare, a white red deer doe with or without antlers, or a white lady’s riding mare with red deer antlers.
First appearance: June 5 2006

Was granted her secondary deer form due to being sealed in an old oak in a glade where a family of sacred white deer often came to drink, granting the deer as much wisdom as she was capable of in return and making the water of that spring particularly effective in curing what ailed them, thus winning the favor of their God.


Domain: Pain
Forms: A black stallion with no skin or flesh on the lower half of his face and enlongated upper canine teeth, with long, straight steel-thread mane and tail.
First apperance: June 12 2006

Contrary to the beliefs of many, Cretihno does not delight in causing pain or harm to others, God or mortal. His domain is rather the pain that is a neccessary evil; needless pain such as torture is one of the quickest ways to draw His anger.


Domain: Ether (Magic)
Forms: An irisdescent white mare with a unicorn’s horn and more strongly rainbow-colored mane and tail.
First apperance: June 15 2006

Anith’ae-Rihn’s most important role in the Elemental pantheon is in Her position as head deity, and similarly, one of the most useful powers granted to Her Paladins is the Paladins’ Magic spell known as “Reverse Effect”, capable of reversing small to moderate effects of other Paladins’ Magic with a source in the Elemental pantheon, or the effects of moderately-sized natural disasters such as floods.  The other spell She grants Her followers is a stronger version of the light spell available to all Paladins, known as “Ether Shine”.

The only God who demands chastity from Her followers.

Animal Gods

Technically, Uwghlock belongs here as well, but as he’s been accepted into the faerie pantheon, he’s usually considered one of the faerie Gods.


Domain: Equines
Forms: A human-faced mare with a long, prehensile tail tipped with a three-fingered gripping claw, a unicorn’s horn and pegasus wings. Also appears as a mare with stardust on her shoulders and forehead.
First appearance: June 5 2006

Out of compassion for the Elemental Gods, after Camael had tricked and sealed them, Alioda granted them tangible forms, all of them in some manner equine.

The White Sow

Domain: Swine, patron Goddess of the village of White Sow
Forms: A perfectly normal, if white, young sow, or a sow with wing-like ears and golden-blonde curls on Her head of variable size.
First appearance: January 17 2005

The Goddess of Swine doesn’t take life terribly seriously, usually electing not to participate in the Game, instead quietly influencing Her surroundings in White Sow to protect the people She’s taken under her wing. Is very fond of Keithara’s son Keilon.