Race: Human
First appearance: January 1 2005
Patron deity: Anith’ae-Rihn of Ether

Gina remains a travelling companion of Sah’togar‘s for one reason and one reason only: Anith’ae-Rihn would rather see her dead, and as The Chosen, he is the only person around who can prevent this from happening. True, she has her own reasons to not be terribly displeased with the arrangement, but those reasons are exactly why he would love to be able to leave her behind. Has some kind of complicated love-hate friendship with Colone.


Race: Human
First apperance: June 2 2005
Patron deity: Teigha of Air

Jaqueleen was born nobility, and retains some of the values she grew up with; notably, she can be quite judgemental towards commoners who’ve committed crimes towards members of a higher class.   

Krizz ar Cheroz

Race: 3/16 faerie, 13/16 human, of which 12/16 is “beastkin”
First apperance: December 28 2009 (originally June 27 2006)
Patron deity: Shol-yunali of Wisdom

Krizz is the grandson of Sah’togar, which is likely the only reason he’s even alive today. He was born with the entire right side of his body mostly paralyzed, and this deformity along with the circumstances of his birth would without the interference of his grandfather have ended up with his mother abandoning him in the wilderness. Like his mother’s people, he bonded to a beast in puberty, in his case a female manticore. This “soulsister” of his is fiercely protective of him.