The cast of Paladins’ Haven is rather extensive, and as such the cast page is divided up into a number of sections:


The Erigineean pantheon is rather extensive, consisting of several smaller constellations of deities as well as individuals that aren’t part of such a group. Among the groups can be found the faerie pantheon lead by Camael, the seven elemental Gods, the animal Gods and the ancestors of the wozelles, known as The High.


A Paladin, in Erigineea, is a person who has been chosen and trained by clergy and older Paladins, and finally granted some special powers and the priviledge of securing Paladins’ Magic through prayers, along with a magical Steed, by the God they follow. With very few exceptions, the Paladin tradition is exclusive to the elemental Gods.


Candidates are followers of the elemental Gods who have been chosen by the clergy to be trained and hopefully eventually elevated to Paladins. They often hold much of the non-magical knowledge a Paladin of their God would possess, but cannot call upon the powers of the God through prayer the way a Paladin can.

Other Major Characters

While Paladins’ Haven is primarily about Paladins, there are some characters who due to other ties still are major characters in their own rights. For instance, Sah’togar’s family figure quite prominently in this category.

Minor Characters

Characters or groups of characters with minor or temporary roles. If this page gets too unwieldy it will later on be sorted by first appearance.