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The Location

Paladins’ Haven is a place where Paladins in need of peace and quiet can go to recuperate; the elemental Gods have all struck a deal with Sah’togar Theaña, the man who freed them from millenia-long captivity, that no Paladin in Haven will be chosen to go on a Quest. It was founded by Sah’togar with the help of the Gods, and it is part of their agreement that any Paladin who needs it will be (usually quite subtly) guided there.

The comic’s continuty starts some time before the founding of Haven, introducing many of the characters who will later take a central role to the plot, as well as some temporary friends.

The Comic

The first version of Paladins’ Haven was largely gag-based, with the jokes loosely connected into vague storylines. As time passed, this format proved unsuitable for the kind of story it was turning into, resulting in the comic receiving a total reboot in 2005. At this time it was still hosted on Comic Genesis.

In 2006, after having run for over a year, the comic went on an extended hiatus, ending with the continuation of the “Strangleweed’s Contract” storyline in December 2009. From December 29 2009 on, the comic is hosted privately, updated through WordPress with the ComicPress plugin, and will update on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.